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Fitness and Spa

Fitness centre

For the followers of the active rest, we offer fitness centre with the new modern equipment and implements of the highest standard – Technogym. Visitors can relax in the small bar and choose from the selection of healthy drinks. Equipment:

7 cardio machines with separately built in LCD monitors, where you can choose individual program according to your requirements and opportunities

  • - Vertical bike
  • - Conveyer
  • - Stepper
  • - Mattress
  • - Fitballs
  • - spinning* bikes

*Spinning- simply characterized as a group training on the stationary bike, which are connecting music, motivation and imagination into one unit with exactly batched training. Alpha and Omega of the spinning training is a lecturer. Since the load is variable and one can set it up according to how he/she feels, the spinning is truly almost for everyone with at least basic trim. Spinning is a safe sport without any load on joints and so if there is changing five different ride styles, it finds use in people with different goals. It is designated for everyone who wants to keep in shape, or improve one´s physical condition, for athletes on the highest level as well as for the people forming a figure. There is a possibility to burn 400 to 600 calories during one training. To meet one´s goals, he/she should use the instrument for monitoring one´s heart beat. For example on fat reduction is better to keep a pulse frequency in a range between 65 – 75 % off the maximum of the heart beat.

Thermometer Accessibility: For accommodated guests
Thermometer Operating time: Daily from 7:00 to 22:00

Swimming pool

Swimming pool is opened for our hotel clients. Indoor hall provides space for the recreation and sport swimming. Families with children are welcomed.

Thermometer Length: 20 meters
Thermometer Width: 3 swimming lanes
Thermometer Water temperature: 26 °C – 32 °C
Thermometer Accessibility: For accommodated guests
Thermometer Operating time: Daily from 7:00 to 22:00

Wellness centre – sauna

In Wellness centre of Hotel Dolphin****, in Senec you can visit three kinds of sauna – finnish, steamed, salted.

Finnish sauna

Our finnish sauna is made of quality wood – from Nordic pine. Inside is stainless furnace, where water can be poured. Sauna doors are whole glassed, have security clasp and are made of special hard glass. After having sauna we recommend to use cooling off showers. We offer finnish sauna as a mixed sauna for men and women. If you are interested, you can use sauna as a private service for additional fee. Capacity of finnish sauna is 6-8 people. Sauna effect on organism is a versatile. By the effect of high temperature (60 to 110°C, minimum humidity 10-30%) preferably comes about to significant blood supply of the skin. Sauna is regulating a blood pressure (people with higher number of blood pressure has to use sauna carefully) and body temperature is in average higher in 1-2°C. Higher repletion can improve movement of muscles and joints, optionally reduce pain. Higher temperature mobilize action of the sebaceous glands, where comes to get rid of the dirt from the skin, what has substantial cosmetic effect. Sauna belongs to the most universal hardening procedure and also has its meaning as a prevention of the various diseases from the cold.

Steamed sauna

It is sauna with temperature of 45-55°C and high humidity of the air (100%). Between effects belongs relaxing of the muscles and movement of musculoskeletal mainly with subsequent total relaxation. Higher air temperature helps to maximize sweating and by this organism gets rid of toxic substances. It also strengthen immune system, weakened mostly after several infection diseases. Steamed spa have positive influence on skin regeneration. Recommended length of staying in steamed sauna is 15 minutes, than it is proper cool off the organism – for example with icy shower and grant him short relax. It is possible to repeat this procedure several times (2 to 3 times). In steamed sauna the temperature is just a few Celzium degrees above the body temperature, but the humidity is practically hundred percent. In such sauna subcutaneous is very good replete, but the body will not overheat. It represents lower load of the organism, that is why the people who can not afford regular sauna, can after consulting the doctor afford to use steamed sauna. Having sauna after lot of loads deprives the body of the exhaustion. To the correct usage of sauna belongs appropriate drinking regime.

Steamed salted sauna

thanks to salt from the Dead Sea helps not just breathing. Effects of salt is visible on your skin, which gets soften and promotes blood circulation. Vapor bath with very pleasant essence whose remind lush forest, its effects are mostly on respiration and helps with releasing smooth muscles of bronchi. As an effect of that comes to deepen breathing and better oxygenates the body. Rest and relaxation room: mostly after sauna we are recommending in the rest room. Set yourself comfortably to the special resting lawn chair and enjoy calmness by listening of relaxing music. Pleasant interior is made by perfect atmosphere. Capacity of the rest room is 3 people.

Operating time: wellness centre is opened daily from 7:00 to 22:00

Note: Minimum number of people per entrance to World of sauna is 2 people

Wellness centre – massage

In case of the interest we can arrange a massage for you according to your choice, and the massage will be done by the professionally educated and experienced massager. In a separate massage room you can be provided by classic, relaxing or reflexology massage of the feet. Duration of the massage can be 30, 45, 60 minutes.

Price includes:

  • Appealing approach to the client and his/her needs
  • Chosen individual procedure on the massage table
  • Pleasant atmosphere, shaded by relaxing tones, intimacy and smooth running of procedures
  • Respecting of the individual requirements and client´s needs

For hotel guests within wellness centre are available:

  • Dressing rooms with lockers
  • Showers and toilets (for men and women separately)
  • Towels a and sheets
  • Mineral water to refill your drinking regime
  • Information brochures and instructions


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